When I was a child, I believed in fairytales and happy endings. As I grew older, I accepted the fact that people will suffer from sickness, disability, abuse, poverty, loneliness, discrimination and so on, but in no way could I have imagined that struggling with weight and food addiction could reach the torment and devastation experienced by people undergoing a tragic event. Never would I have guessed that such a struggle could not only deny me the chance to pursue my dreams and happiness, but could also destroy my life.

Throughout the last thirty years, I turned into a lab rat experimenting with various fad and balanced diets, using appetite-suppressants, exercising vigorously, undergoing countless therapy sessions, reading self-help books and even resorting to surgery - all in a relentless determination to win my battle with weight.

Enlightened by the fact that millions of people around the globe are struggling with obesity and a variety of addictions, as well as realizing that our stress-inducing modern life is rendering people susceptible to compulsive and obsessive behaviors, I felt obliged to share my story.

When I took on the venture to write this book, I kept in mind the saying "ask the experienced, not the expert" . I hope that you will find my experience enlightening, inspiring and an enjoyable read.