I am a native of Jordan, holding a BA in English Literature and have been working in the educational field for the past twenty-five years. Having served, for eighteen years, as the General Manager of the Sight and Sound Educational Center in Amman, I trained and inspired thousands of people to pursue careers in administration. In 2006, I took time off from my rewarding career to embark on a psychological and spiritual awakening journey so I could recover from food addiction. Ever since, I have become an avid reader of human behavior, prompting me to take a lot of courses in stress management and related topics. Since 2007, I have conducted seminars and workshops in stress management and self-motivation to a large number of fresh university graduates and employees, mostly through the Business Development Center in Amman.

In February 2010, I published my first book My Yellow Suit, which recounts my real life story -specifically my vicious struggle with obesity and food addiction which consumed me for more than thirty years.

I am married to Riad Ghanma and have four daughters. I love swimming, listening to music, reading and writing; I also love children and cats.